Modern Baby Shower Invitations

I just love the look of these modern baby shower invitations! They are sleek and colorful...just like today's modern woman.

modern baby shower invitations

Items I Used to Make This Invitation...

  • Pink cardstock paper
  • Black scrapbook paper
  • White paper
  • 8 black brads
  • Dimensional embellishment
  • Ruler
  • Scissors/cutting tools


Step One

To create the layers:

  • Cut a piece of pink cardstock 4.5" wide by 7.25" high
  • Cut a piece of black paper 4" wide by 6.75" high
  • Using your word processing program, print your wording onto a white sheet that measures 3.5" wide by 6.25" high

Step Two

Attach the brads as shown to hold the layers together and add dimension to your invitation. Decorate with an embellishment along the side (I found this one in the scrapbooking section).

Note: If you are using a certain envelope, your sizes may have to be adjusted. If you want to follow my instructions above, you can always make your own envelope using a coordinating paper. Custom envelopes give your invitation a truly special feeling.

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