How to Make a
Money Tree for Christmas

This year, instead of just putting money in a card for the holidays, make a money tree to display the cash on! This is a perfect gift for anyone...adults or children alike.

Items You'll Need:

  • Pine branches or small faux/real pine tree
  • Silver spray paint
  • Shoe box
  • Foam florist block
  • Terracota pot
  • Paint/paintbrush
  • Ribbon
  • Bulbs or other small decorations
  • Money (bills)
  • Clear basket bag
  • Bow


1. Clip branches off a pine tree (or purchase a small faux or real pine tree). Tie the branches together to form the shape of a Christmas tree.

Money Tree

2. Flip a shoe box over and cut a hole in the bottom to stick the bottom of the branches through. Once the branches are stabilized and standing upright, spray paint them silver.

Money Tree Plant

Making a Money Tree

3. While the tree dries, paint the planter red or another holiday color.

Paper Money Tree

4. After the pot dries, place florist foam in the container.

How to make a money tree

5. Stick the branches down into the florist foam. If there is a big gap between the tree and the top of the pot, place a ribbon around the base of the tree.

Money Trees

6. Roll cash and tie it to the tree with red ribbon. Decorate the tree with other bulbs or decorations.

How to make money trees

7. Place a large clear gift basket bag over the tree and top with a ribbon.

How to make a money tree

NOTE: If you are using fresh pine branches, make the project right before you plan to give it. Real branches wilt quickly.

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