Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Monkey baby shower invitations are adorable! They aren't just cute, but practical as well...they can be used for a boy or girl, or when you are unsure of the baby's gender.

Below are two examples of monkey invitations that I came up with. Make them exactly as they are, or use these ideas as a starting point to create your own unique invitations!

Monkey Baby Shower Invitations #1

monkey baby shower invitations

Items I Used to Make This Invitation...

  • Yellow cardstock paper
  • Polka-dot scrapbook paper
  • Pink/white striped scrapbook paper
  • Vellum paper
  • 4 yellow brads
  • Monkey stickers
  • Floral chipboard button
  • Thin yellow ribbon

Step One

To create the four layers:

  • Cut a yellow piece of cardstock 4.5" wide by 6" high.
  • Cut a piece of polka dot scrapbook paper 4" wide by 5.5" high.
  • Cut a piece of striped scrapbook paper 3.5" wide by 5" high.
  • Print your invitation wording onto a sheet of vellum using your word processing program. Cut this vellum sheet the same size as the striped sheet (3.5" wide by 5" high).
Step Two

Stack the four layers and secure them in three corners with yellow brads. Secure the fourth corner down using a chipboard button held on by thin matching yellow ribbon.

Step Three

Decorate the invitation with some cute monkey stickers, and you're finished! I love the design and simplicity of this invite.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation #2

monkey baby shower invitation

This monkey invitation is a little different than the first one because it is a folded design.

Items I used to make this invitation...

  • Brown cardstock paper
  • Striped scrapbook paper
  • White paper
  • Letter stickers
  • Monkey sticker and embellishment that I found in the scrapbook aisle

Step One

Cut a piece of brown cardstock paper 6" wide by 8.5" long. Fold it in half to create your card.

Step Two

Cut a piece of striped scrapbook paper 6" wide by 1.75" high, and attach it the bottom of the card with adhesive.

Step Three

Cut five circles from your white sheet of paper, and attach them as shown in the above photo. Stick the letters in the center of four of the circles to form the word baby, and the monkey in the other.

Step Four

Print the wording for your invitation onto white paper. Attach it to the inside with adhesive, and add a decorative monkey sticker. In this example I wrote "A New Little Monkey is Joining the Thompson's Family!" followed by the shower details.

monkey baby shower invitation 02

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