Make a Mothers Day Card
That She'll Cherish!

If you want to give a mothers day card that is really unique, look no further then your own two hands. That's right, I'm here to tell you that a homemade mother's day card is the best kind of card you can give!

Forget the sometimes expensive Mother's Day cards that you buy at the a mom, I can assure you that she'd rather receive a card that you took the time to make.

For older children, a note telling her how much she means to you is perfect. For younger children, though, there are many creative cards they can make without having to write a lot. Below are some ideas for your young children to make.

This Mother's Day card is so cute with two handprints that form a tulip! On the back there is a short poem that we printed on the computer and glued to it. It says:

Dear Mom,
It's not a rose of red.
It's not a violet of blue.
It's a pretty paper flower
And it means I LOVE YOU!
(Have your child sign here)

We used a washable paint for the flowers, and green construction paper to form the stem. This example is laminated, but it doesn't have to be.

My son made me this card, and it really brought a tear to my eye! The front has a handprint that he made using washable paint, and there is a heart made of glitter on the hand. The stem is made of construction paper. On the inside it says:

A piece of me
I give to you
I painted this flower
to say "I love you"

The heart is you,
the hand is me,
To show we are friends
The best there can be.

I hope you will save it
And look back someday
At the flower we shared
On you special day.

This is such a cute card that again was made using handprints. The "grass" are two green handprints, and they have red roses "growing" out of them. Near the bottom, there are three green circles that were made using green paint on her fingertips. We used stamps to make the red roses and blue violets, but you can always draw them on if you don't have stamps.

The inside of the card says:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
No mom anywhere
Is as special as YOU!

(Have your child sign here)

My son made me this really cute handmade card and enclosed a few "Can Do Coupons" with it.

The coupons were for things like "One Table Setting Without Being Told", "One Bedroom Clean-Up Without You Having to Tell Me", and "One Closet Clean-Up Without Stuffing Things." I adored these, and of course will never "spend" them so that I can look back on them later (or maybe I will use them when he's a teenager...they do say no expiration date on them)!

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