Mothers Day Craft for Kids :
Personalized Alphabet Book

This is such an easy and inexpensive mothers day craft for kids! The kids will love thinking about ideas to put
in this book, and their Mom will think it's the best Mother's Day gift that she's ever received!

You can either purchase a notebook (with or without lines on the paper) that is already bound on the edge,
or use loose sheets of paper and bind them in a folder yourself.

Have your child put one large letter of the alphabet on each page in the book, and think of a characteristic that describes mom to go along with that letter. Remember, it doesn't have to be something to describe can be a word that describes a special time you've had together, or a word that reminds you of something special she does for you.

* Need a word for a letter? Here's a list of ideas to get you started:

  • A - Amazing, Authentic, Appreciative, Athletic, Approachable, Attentive, Affectionate
  • B - Beautiful, Bright, Blissful, Brilliant, Brave
  • C - Caring, Charming, Comfortable, Cheerful, Courageous, Cute, Confident, Constant, Casual, Creative, Calm, Courteous, Compassionate
  • D - Devoted, Determined, Delightful, Dependable, Dedicated
  • E - Energetic, Extraordinary, Entertaining, Efficient, Earnest, Eloquent, Elegant, Ethical
  • F - Friendly, Funny, Fun, Fantastic, Focused, Faithful, Fascinating, Fabulous, Forgiving
  • G - Great, Gorgeous, Grateful, Glad, Gentle, Gracious, Genuine, Generous, Glowing
  • H - Hard Working, Happy, Helpful, Heroic, Humorous, Hospitable, Hilarious
  • I - Imaginative, Inventive, Ingenious, Inspiring, Influential, Industrious, Impressive, Independent, Impressive
  • J - Joyful, Jolly, Jazzy, Jack-of-all-trades
  • K - Kind, Knowledgeable, Kissable
  • L - Loving, Lenient, Luminous, Lovely
  • M - Magnificent, Mighty, Modest, Magnetic, Mild, Moral
  • N - Nice, Noble, Neat, Nifty
  • O - Open-minded, Outgoing
  • P - Pretty, Precious, Professional, Profound, Pracitcal, Perfect, Precious, Pleasant, Powerful, Peaceful, Productive
  • Q - Queen, Quality, Quiet, Quick
  • R - Remarkable, Relaxed, Radiant, Reliable, Reasonable
  • S - Sweet, Safe, Smart, Silly, Sincere, Successful, Sympathetic, Serene, Sparkling, Spontaneous, Sensible, Soft-spoken, Superb, Stylish, Saintly, Special
  • T - Tough, Truthful, Tender, Tranquil, Thougtful, Terrific
  • U - Understanding, Unique, Unconditional
  • V - Valiant, Vivacious, Vibrant
  • W - Wonderful, Warm, Witty, Whimsical, Wise
  • X - X-streme, X-citing, X-cellent
  • Y - Young at Heart, Youthful
  • Z - Zealous, Zany, Zesty

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