Personalized Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day flowers don't have to be real and fresh cut...a homemade flower can be just as special to your mom (and it will last a lot longer)!

This project is so cute, and allows you to put a personalized touch on a Mothers Day craft for kids. Make this special bouquet of photo flowers for your mom this Mother's Day!

Items You'll Need:

  • Pictures
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Foam or construction paper
  • stapler
  • craft glue
  • Flower Pot
  • Paint/Paintbrush
  • Pinto beans or florist foam
  • Scissors

Instructions to Make These Cheap Flowers for Mothers Day:

1. Gather photographs of your child/children by themselves or with their mom. If you don't have any photos, pictures printed on regular printer paper work well.

2. Use a round template to draw circles on your photos. I like to use a clear glass so that I can see where I'm placing the circle on the picture. Cut the circles out.

3. Make a flower template to use on construction paper or foam (I used craft foam on this project). You want all of your flowers to look the same, and a template is the easiest way to achieve this. A cookie cutter works well, or make your own template out of paper. I use a glass as a guide to form equal circles (see photo). Cut your template out.

4. Trace your template onto your colored contruction paper or craft foam.

5. Using another color of construction paper or craft felt, cut out slightly larger circles than your photos. I used a little bit bigger of a glass as a template.

6. Staple the pipe cleaners to the back of the flower. Make sure to only staple right in the center where the photo will cover it. If you are using craft foam, it is a bit may want to double the pipe cleaner over or use two of them to give it strength.

7. Staple the center colored piece to the flower, again making sure that the staple will be covered by the photo.

8. Glue the photographs over the center piece of felt or construction paper.

9. Have your child paint a flower pot. We wrote "Thank You For Helping Me Grow!" around the top edge. I filled it with pinto beans because they look a little like soil. However, you can use florist foam or styrofoam to stick the pipe cleaners into.

10. Arrange the flowers into a unique bouquet for mom!

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