How to Make an Acorn Nut Wreath:
The Perfect Thanksgiving Gift Idea!

Looking for something unique to give to your Thanksgiving day host? An acorn nut wreath is simple and inexpensive, and can be used year after year!  Fall wreaths are a perfect Thanksgiving gift idea that will be appreciated and get plenty of use.

We have a whole bunch of Oak trees in our yard, and every year while I'm cleaning up thousands of acorns, I try to come up with acorn projects that I can make.  They have a beautiful color, after all.  I thought of this wreath idea, and as I looked around on the internet, I realized that this is a popular use for acorns.  After making my own, I understand why people love these fall wreaths so much!  Why didn't I do this sooner?

Items You'll Need to Make a Nut Wreath:

  • 18" wreath form
  • Roll of wide burlap
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Clear Spray Sealer
  • LOTS of acorns!

How to Make a Wreath with Acorns:

1.  Start by gathering a WHOLE BUNCH of acorns.  I can't tell you how many you'll need because acorn sizes vary so much.  For reference, I used about half of a paper grocery bag full.  Make sure that you pick acorns that aren't cracked if possible.  If you can't find any without cracks, just glue them crack side down.

2.  Rinse the acorns off to remove any excess dirt.  I used a little dish soap to get them really clean.

3.  Line a baking sheet with foil, and pour the acorns onto the sheet.  Cover the acorns with another piece of foil to keep them from getting burned.  Prepare the acorns by baking them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP because ( comes the gross part...) tiny bugs live in acorns, and you want to make sure they are all dead when you make your wreath.  Gifting a wreath with live bugs just doesn't seem like a nice gesture :-)

4.  Take the acorns out of the oven, uncover them, and let them cool completely.  They look shiny and pretty after you bake them!  Your house is going to smell kind of nutty for a bit, but it goes away quickly.

5.  While the acorns cool, get your wreath ready.  I used an 18" straw wreath, but you can use any size and type of wreath form that you choose.  Remember, when you hang the wreath on a glass door, you're going to see the back side of it when you are standing in the house.  With the straw wreath, you can leave it as is and it will look just fine.  In this case, I decided to wrap my entire wreath in a wide burlap ribbon for a finished look.  I secured the ribbon here and there with hot glue as I wrapped it.

6.  Now that your acorn nuts are cool, you can begin attaching them to the wreath with hot glue.  Fit them tightly together, trying not to leave space between them. Continue gluing them until the entire wreath is covered.

7.  Place the wreath on a drop cloth, and spray a thin but solid layer of sealer over all of the nuts.  I used a glossy interior/exterior clear sealer from Valspar that I purchased at Lowes.  Let your wreath dry overnight before moving on to step # 8.

8.  Cut a long piece of wired edged burlap to attach to your nut wreath for hanging.  You can vary the length depending on where you are going to hang it.  I cut a 40" piece in this example.  Tie the piece into a large loop.

9.  Lay the loop over the wreath, and bring the knotted end of the burlap around the back of the nut wreath, and up through the loop on the inside of the wreath.  Pull tightly until secure.

If you want to keep your wreath simple and sleek, then you are finished!  You can add bows, a family initial, or other embellishments if you choose.

Here is my completed nut wreath hanging on our front porch...

I love the color of the natural acorns, but they also look really pretty painted!  I found this great example of a painted acorn wreath.

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