How to Make Personalized Baby Onesies

Personalized baby onesies make a terrific unique baby gift! You can decorate them with iron-on designs or letters, fabric paint, or any decorative embellishments (just be sure to avoid choking hazards).UTF 4 LINKS, LEFT CENTERED (LARGE):

Personalized baby onesie

In this example, I've used iron-on transfers to decorate baby onesies. The baby's mother I made these for is a dance instructor, so I went with that theme for her baby's shirts.

Can't decide what to put on your onesies? When selecting a theme for personalizing onesies, think about what the parents like to do, favorite sports teams, funny sayings, or even the baby's name. The possibilities are endless!

Items You'll Need:

  • Onesies (prewashed)
  • Iron-on transfers
  • Iron
  • Scissors

To Make Unique Baby Onesies:

1. Prewash the onesies using gentle baby detergent and NO FABRIC SOFTENER. If you dry them using a dryer, do NOT use a dryer sheet.

2. Lay onesies on a flat hard surface (do not use an ironing board...the surface is too soft, and the transfers will not adhere correctly). I used a glass cutting board, but you can use any hard surface that will stand up to heat (granite counter tops work great). Iron the shirt to remove wrinkles if needed.

3. Position transfer where you'd like it, and cover with a cloth (an old pillowcase works well).

Make Onesies

4. Using an iron on high heat (cotton setting), and NO steam, iron the cloth according to the directions included with the transfer. Remember to keep the iron from sitting directly on the onesie because it will cause burn marks!

Unique Baby Onesies

4. Again, using the directions included with the transfer (they vary from brand to brand), remove the transfer backing when ready. Note: some transfers say to remove right away while it's still hot, and others say to wait for it to cool. You really need to read the instructions specific to your transfer.

Decorating Onesies

5. You are finished with your transfer! Embellish further with fabric paint, or simply leave them as is.

When your personalized onesie is cooled off, you can wrap it in any unique way that you'd like. Try including them as part of a onesie cake, use them to wrap smaller baby gifts, or include a set of them in a creative wrap such as a small laundry net bag (as I've done below).

Personalized Onesies

Good luck creating your one-of-a-kind onesies, and as always, have fun gifting them!

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