Do It Yourself Gifts
Personalized Picture Frame

I really love this personalized picture frame project! It's quick and easy, and makes a perfect customized gift for any occasion. Use the frame as a canvas to extend the theme of the picture inside it.


  • Wooden frame
  • 2 Photocopies of related photographs
  • Decoupage medium
  • Foam brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Thin white glue
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Memorabilia (optional)


1. Select two related photos. One to put on the frame, and one to be framed. You can either photocopy pictures you have (make sure to enlarge the photo to fit the outer frame if you choose this method), or print the photographs out using your home computer and printer.

2. Lay the frame on the photo you're using for the outside, trace around it, and cut it out.

3. Place the photocopy on the frame, and use scissors or an exacto-knife to cut the center (where the photo shows through) out.

4. Make sure the photo fits the frame perfectly--if it doesn't, trim it until it does.

5. Use decoupage medium (I use Modge Podge) to paste the photocopied picture onto the frame. Flatten the surface all around, making sure that all areas are stuck to the frame, and air bubbles are smoothed out.

6. Follow the directions on the back of the decoupage container to determine how many coats your frame needs. Let each coat dry before applying another coat.

7. After it dries, use sand paper to sand the edges flush if needed.

8. Apply two coats of acrylic varnish, letting each coat dry in between, where you applied the decoupage medium.

9. Insert the photo into the frame.

10. Glue any memorabilia to the frame using thin white craft glue.

This is a photo that I took of our children on the beach this summer. I used another landscape picture of the same beach on the outside of the frame. The shells that I glued to it are shells that they found on the beach that day.

Use your imagination to come up with a theme for your personalized picture frame. Do you have a picture in front of a landmark? Use a photo of the skyline from that city on the frame (use one that you have, or look on the internet, in magazines or books). Are you an avid hiker? Put a picture of yourself hiking in the middle, and frame it with a photo of the forest you were hiking in when it was taken. Whatever theme you come up with, have fun making this one-of-a-kind treasure!

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