Plastic Gift Box Gifts

Look around your house and I'm sure you'll find a reusable clear plastic gift box that can be filled with goodies! Instead of throwing out containers that different foods come in, look at them from a gift-giving perspective.

Plastic Gift Box

Any type of plastic box will favorites include berry containers and take out bowls with lids. With a little embellishment, and some yummy contents, these clear gift boxes will become beautiful quick presents that they'll adore!

Items You'll Need

  • Clear containers
  • Candy, cookies, nuts, etc.
  • Embellishments - paper, buttons, ribbons, etc.

Directions:Fill a reusable food container with candy, cookies, nuts, popcorn, or whatever food you'd like. Embellish with stickers, pretty paper, buttons, etc. Attach a tag.

Here are some examples that I made:

I got this container when I brought home some Indian food. One run through the dishwasher took all the stains/food away, and now it makes a cute candy container! I filled this with silver/gold Hershey Kisses, and topped it with circles cut from scrapbook paper. A rafia ribbon completes the look.

Plastic Gift Box

This container with a lid was also a take-out bowl. I filled it with Starburst candy and decorated the top with circles cut from scrapbook paper. I tied a silky white ribbon and put a floral scrapbook embellishment on the top. What a great token for a new neighbor!

Plastic Gift Box

Small take-out containers make perfect little gifts for children! I filled it with animal cookies and topped with circles cut from scrapbook paper. A scrapbook button with an embroidery floss bow gives this a childish feel. What a great way to say "job well done!"

Plastic Gift Box

I used a Strawberry container filled with pink and brown malt balls to create this unique thank you gift. Decorative scrapbook paper was placed on top, and a pink rafia ribbon was tied around the container.

Clear Plastic Gift Box

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