Teacher Gift Ideas

Unique Teacher Thank You Gift Ideas

Coming up with teacher gift ideas can be maddening! Most teachers are secretly tired of receiving apple shaped knick knacks that say #1 Teacher on them (okay, so maybe there are still a few teachers out there who like to get this stuff year after year, but I doubt it)!

teacher gift ideas

Most teachers teach because they REALLY love it...they don't all just do it for the loads of money (a little joke for all of you teachers). They love the way that teaching makes them feel...like they are making a real difference in the life of YOUR child.

So, when thinking about a teacher appreciation week gift, end of year teacher gift, or a holiday gift idea (or maybe anytime "just because"), you will want to put some thought into a gift that shows how much you, and your student, appreciate her/him.

For your preschool or elementary school student, rather than having each child bring an individual gift, a good idea is to have the whole class come together to create a group project for their teacher .

In your quest for teacher gift ideas, don't forget to find something for another important person-- your child's coach . And if that favorite teacher in your life is ready to retire, we also have a list of teacher retirement gift ideas .

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it comes from your heart. Put yourself in the teachers shoes and ask yourself a few very important questions: 1) Would I be excited to receive this gift?; 2) Do I have a use for this gift?; and 3) Will this sit up high on a shelf and collect dust? (by the way, if your answer to #3 is yes, DON'T make or buy it!).

Do-It-Yourself Teacher Gift Projects and Ideas:

Back to School Teacher Gift
This simple cookie jar idea is great for the first day (or weeks) of school. Let their teacher know that they're happy to be in his/her class!

Gift Card Bouquet
Great gift project for the whole class to participate in. It takes some planning ahead of time, but the results are well worth it!

"Sweet Teacher" Fudge Gift
Purchase pre-made fudge or make your own homemade fudge for this unique teacher appreciation gift idea.

Decorative Flower Pots
One of the cutest flower pot crafts around! Use this project idea to make hand painted flower pots that your teacher can decorate to match the season. Great addition to his or her classroom desk!

Flower Pot Pens Project
Make these inexpensive, yet adorable, flower pot pens for your teachers desk. Favorite project for teachers to receive!

One-of-a-Kind Personalized Teacher Shirt
Create this unique teacher shirt using your home computer!

Bake a Batch of Bath Cookies
Bake some yummy smelling bath cookies for your favorite teacher! Put them in a decorative container, and you have the perfect gift for relaxation!

Unique Holiday Teacher Gifts Under Five Dollars
Buying multiple teacher gifts around the holidays can be very costly. This page offers creative holiday teacher gift ideas that are all under five dollars!

End of Year Teacher Gifts Under Ten Dollars
Use one of these projects when you have multiple teachers to buy for at the end of the year. These are fun ideas that they can use over their summer break.

Homemade Bath Salts
Inexpensive way to give her a little luxury! Make these "Teacher's Time Out" bath salts and personalize them with a color and scent.

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