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Looking for a back to school teacher gift that they'll remember (and actually use)? Then you should put together one of these really simple cookie jars! They take a matter of minutes (if you use store bought cookies), and are really inexpensive and unique.

I made these for our children's teachers this year and sent them in on the first day of school. However, they would be really fun to send in anytime during the first month of school. A little teacher gift when least expected is always a great surprise!

Those who follow my site know how much I love teachers. I think it's so important to let them know that we appreciate how much they do for our kids each day. Not just on teacher appreciation day, but all throughout the year.

Items You'll Need:

  • Mason jar (or other wide-mouthed jar with lid)
  • Cookies
  • Small piece of material (for the top)
  • Ribbon
  • Label for the top
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

To Assemble...

1. Place store-bought or homemade cookies into the wide-mouthed jar. A mason jar (also known as a canning jar) is perfect because it closes tightly, and allows you to take the lid apart for decorating.

I used three different kinds of cookies to make it look interesting, and because I wasn't sure what kind each teacher likes.

2. Take the inside circle out of the canning jar lid, and trace around it onto a scrap piece of material. Cut it out, and use the glue stick to stick the material circle to the top of the lid. Place the lid circle back into the edge of the lid top.

3. Make a label for the top of the jar that says "With you as my teacher, I'll be one smart cookie!", and attach it to the lid using the glue stick. My label was handwritten, but there are plenty of creative labels you can find online.

4. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar, and you're finished! Doesn't it look great?

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