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Teacher Holiday Gifts

With the chaos of the holidays, finding inexpensive and unique teacher holiday gifts can be stressful. Choose one of the ideas below and set up an "assembly line" to create multiple gifts...before you know it, you'll have a little something to give each teacher!

Candy Cane Candle Wraps

Items You’ll Need:

  • 4 cylinder-shaped votive candles: 2 red, 2 white (or 2 green)
  • Cellophane gift wrap (in the gift basket section at craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon in desired colors
Instructions:Stack the candles as desired and roll firmly in a piece of cellophane. Wrap the cellophane around the candles at least twice to secure. Twist the ends of the cellophane and secure with several pieces of festive ribbon. Trim the ends to about 3-4 inches.

teacher holiday gifts

I Whisk You a Merry Christmas!

Items You'll Need:

  • Whisk
  • Holiday Candy
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Sandwich Bag
  • Ribbon
  • Handmade Gift Tag

Put the candy into a sandwich bag before placing it in the center of a new whisk. Cover the whisk with cellophane wrap or a sandwich bag, and tie it at the bottom with a ribbon. Attach a gift tag that says "I Whisk You a Merry Christmas" (or We Whisk You a Merry Christmas if you want to sign it from your family).

teacher holiday gift

Cookie Cutter Candy Wraps

Items You'll Need:

  • Cookie cutters--any color (the deeper the better)
  • Cellophane bags (I found these in the gift favor making aisle)
  • Cellophane wrap or sandwich bag
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Holiday candy of choice
  • Festive ribbon

Trace around your cookie cutter on a piece of cellophane wrap or a sandwich bag (if you don't have either of these, just use one of the cellophane bags that you bought). Cut out the shape and use tape to secure it to one side of the cookie cutter (this keeps the candy from falling through). After the backing is in place, fill the cookie cutter with candy (you can use any candy, but I find M & M's work best because they are small). While the cookie cutter with candy is laying flat, carefully slide a cellophane bag around the whole thing. Cinch it tightly at the top and secure with a ribbon.

teacher christmas gift

Gift Certificate with a Chocolate Spoon

Item’s You’ll Need:

  • $5.00 gift certificate to a coffee shop
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Pan
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Bag of chocolate chips
  • Cellophane wrap or sandwich bag
  • ribbon
Instructions to Make the Spoon: Melt chocolate in the pan. Dip the spoon in the chocolate while in the melted state. Set aside and allow to cool and harden. Wrap cellophane around the top and secure it with a ribbon. Attach one or more spoons to the coffee shop gift card.

More Ideas:

  • Fill glass jars that have lids with candy. Use glass paint (found at craft stores) to decorate the outside. Top with a ribbon or bow.

  • Make CDs using your computer and Holiday Music CDs that you already own. Put them in a jewel case and create a cover.

  • Five dollar gift card to buy themselves lunch (at a place like Subway or McDonalds)

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