Teacher Retirement Gift

Coming up with a unique teacher retirement gift can be difficult. They are exiting the profession, so all of the traditional "teacher gifts" are out of the question.

Speaking of those traditional gifts...I once read something from a teacher that talked about all of the "teacher" related items that she'd received throughout the years (knick knacks, Christmas ornaments, things that say #1 teacher on them...you know the drill). She said that she wished parents wouldn't have wasted their money on these items--most of the time she ended up giving them away--after all, how many of these things can one person have? One point that she stated really stuck with me..."you don't decorate your home with your profession, so what makes you think we teachers do? We love your children, but do not decorate our home with their handprints, or have entire Christmas trees dedicated to teacher ornaments."

So, when buying or making a teacher retirement gift, let's try to steer clear of the gifts that he or she's received throughout their teaching career.

No more teacher throw blankets or #1 teacher picture frames.

Put an end to the countless paperweights and coffee mugs.

If it's in the shape of an apple...forget about it.

Let's remember that our beloved retiring teacher is a person with his or her own personal interests outside of teaching. They have worked so hard and shaped so many lives over the years---but, secretly---this is the moment they've been waiting for! Time to relax and do whatever it is they want to do. With that in mind, coming up with a terrific teacher retirement gift should be a piece of cake!

First and foremost, find out what hobbies and activities he or she plans to explore during retirment, and build upon those ideas when choosing a gift.

  • Gift Card: sports store, craft store, gardening center, home improvement store, or book store
  • Gift certificate for a few rounds of golf, games of bowling, fishing boat rental, etc.
  • Pay for a class to learn more about his/her hobby
  • Plan a weekend getaway for the person who loves to travel
  • Wheelbarrow full of gardening tools, gloves, bulbs, gardening stool, etc.
  • Tackle box with fishing gear and a new fishing pole
  • Pay for a service--lawn mowing, house cleaning, car washing, etc. Give them a little rest to start their retirement the right way!
  • Any kitchen gear for an aspiring chef
  • Tools

Perhaps you don't know what hobbies or activities he or she plans to explore during retirement. In that case, you can give a gift that most retires would enjoy:

  • Card and board games, puzzles
  • Tickets to the theater
  • Gift Certificate to a restaurant
  • Jewelry
  • Dinner or Wine of the Month Club
  • Journal or Stationary Paper
  • Memory or Scrapbook with photos and stories from their career
  • And of course, a gift card is always appreciated to get what they want.

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