Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Unique baby shower invitations are easy to make if you put your mind to it! Just stroll down a scrapbook aisle, and you'll see themes of all kinds with stickers and paper to go along with them.

Dimensional stickers or embellishments are always great elements to use because they make your invitation a little more exciting. As you can see from the example to the right, an ordinary invitation takes on a whole different feel when an embellishment is added.

unique baby shower invitations

Use your imagination! The possibilities are endless!

Items I used to make this invitation...

  • Two-sided heavyweight scrapbook paper
  • Demensional embellishments
  • 4 brads
  • White paper
  • Decorative and regular scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Ruler


Step One

Cut a piece of two-sided paper 5" high by 7.75" wide. Fold the paper in half to create your card.

Step Two

Using your decorative edge scissors, cut a square to put on the front of your card. Flip the paper over and use the other side of the paper (so that it will match what's on the inside of the card). Affix with adhesive. Decorate the front of your card with dimensional embellishments.

Step Three

Print your invitation wording on a sheet of paper that measures 3" wide by 4.25" high. Attach this paper to the inside of the invitation by securing it with a brad in each corner.

baby shower invitations

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