Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Until I discovered these unique gift wrapping ideas, I had always been a "traditional wrapper" (give me a shirt box and a sheet of paper and call it a day!). Who knew that there were so many ways to wrap up the same gift?

unique gift wrapping

I started out slowly...adding a little decoration to the top of a gift here and there...and before you knew it, I was addicted! Everywhere I look, I think "wow, I could use that to wrap a gift in!"

If you are the "old me" and are just starting on your journey to find unique gift wrapping ideas, you have landed in the right place. I've put together my favorite ways to wrap a gift , and will show you how you can do them the DIY way--complete with instructions and photos.

Learn how to make your own gift wrap or look around your house and decorate a box that you already have to wrap a gift in. If you are feeling really crafty, you may choose to make a gift box from scratch using cardstock and pretty paper. Do you have an odd-shaped present that won't fit in any box that you have? Putting it in a personalized gift bag is a great solution.

You've spent a lot of time and energy selecting the perfect present, so make sure that the wrap is just as special. Remember, the packaging of a gift is the first thing that they'll see, and as the saying goes "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Do-It-Yourself Unique Gift Wrap Ideas:

How to Wrap a Gift Box
Let's start with the basics! Simple instructions for those who are new to wrapping gift boxes.

My Favorite Ways to Wrap a Gift
Inspiring ways to wrap gift of all sizes and shapes. Break away from the traditional!

Creative Photo Gift Wrap
Use this project idea to create personalized gift wrap paper out of photographs and memorabilia!

Create a Gift Bag That They'll Love
A plain gift bag and some craft supplies are all you need to make a unique and creative gift bag. The possibilities are endless with this project!

How to Make a Homemade Gift Box
These make unique gift wrapping ideas! Cover an existing box with craft supplies or items that you have around the house.

Make a Gift Box from Scratch
Fold cardstock and paper to make a beautiful box! Includes a free gift box pattern.

Small Gift Boxes from Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tubes
These cute little "boxes" are made using empty paper towel or toilet paper tubes. This example shows them used for Valentine's Day treats, but you can use this project whenever you have something small to wrap. They also make great favor boxes!

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