Unique Teacher Gifts

Looking for unique teacher gifts that you can make? For weeks, teachers have been getting ready for the beginning of yet another school year. Not only do teachers put their heart and soul into teaching our children, but also dedicate countless hours both on and off the clock into making sure that their class and their students can be the best that they can be.

That is why it is important for us and our children to show teachers how much we appreciate them and all their efforts. Here are come unique teacher gifts that you can make inexpensively:

  • Fun in the Sun – Decorate and create a unique water bottle label. Place the label around a 16 ounce water bottle. Attach an on-the-go drink mix packet with some colorful ribbon around the neck of the water bottle. To ensure that the packet stays attached, hole punch a small hole at the top of the packet, so that the ribbon can be easily inserted. Have your teachers feel like it is still summer by choosing a lemonade or ice tea drink mix.

  • Tea for the Teacher – Purchase a colorful tea mug. These can be easily found at the Dollar Store. You could even purchase a mug that the kids can decorate and design themselves (these can be found at local craft stores). Having the kids add their own personal touch would make this gift extra special. Be sure to help the kids write the teacher’s name out onto the mug. Go ahead and fill the tea mug with assorted teas, hot chocolates and ciders. This would not only keep teachers warm during those chilly months, but warm their heart as well.

  • Blooming Pencil Vase – Arrange a large bunch of unsharpened pencils with the erasers down. Depending on how large you want your “vase” to be, use at least two to three dozen pencils. Wrap the pencils at mid length using a wide colorful ribbon. You can even attach a small note to the ribbon as well to personalize the pencil vase for your teacher. Pick out some faux flowers and blooms and stick them into the top of your “vase” to create a beautiful arrangement. See an example here.

  • Joyful Jar of Appreciation – This gift idea would be perfect for both students and parents to take part in. On colorful paper, have the parents of the class jot down a few reasons why they are so appreciative of the teacher. Insert the papers into a clear mason jar or an old fashioned candy jar with a hinged lid. Finish the gift by tying a beautiful ribbon around the neck of the jar. Place a label on top of the jar with the words “Why We Appreciate Mr./Ms./Mrs. _________”. Have the children of the class do the same thing. Then present the teacher with both appreciation jars!

    Article Submitted by: Ann Martin, who is a writer for Dinnerware Center, which offers dinnerware sets online, such as the stylish Noritake colorwave and classic Noritake china. Ann is a contributing writer for other cooking and home and travel websites. When Ann is not writing, she enjoys spending time reading.

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