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Unique Valentine Gift Idea for Man

Looking for a unique valentine gift idea for man? At this time of year, I'm always searching for something creative for my husband, but it's not an easy task.

I feel like men are all around harder to buy for than women--especially on a sentimental day like Valentine's Day! Below are some of my favorite suggestions for the man in your life:

  • Gift certificate for a massage
  • Candy, cookies, or whatever sweets he prefers
  • Bake a cookie bouquet
  • Subscription to his favorite magazine
  • Movie or dinner gift certificate--something you can do together
  • Cologne or after shave
  • Jewelry - ring, necklace, cuff links, watch, tie tac
  • Gift certificate to have his car detailed
  • Scrapbook with pictures of the two of you
  • Letter or poem...use these love quotes for inspiration
  • Items related to his hobby - golf, baseball, hiking, gardening, etc.
  • Favorite book or gift certificate to a book store
  • Make a CD with his (or both of your) favorite songs on it use our romantic love songs list for ideas!)
  • Bake him a one-of-a-kind cookie cake
  • Plan a weekend getaway, and don't tell him where you're going until you get there
  • Autographed picture of his favorite sports player
  • Concert tickets to see his favorite musician/group

One year I made a "gift for the five senses." I gathered an item for each of the five senses and put them into a basket. Here's what I used for each sense:

  • Sight - A picture of us together in a personalized frame
  • Hearing - A CD that I made on my computer with our favorite songs
  • Taste - His favorite candy
  • Smell - Cologne
  • Touch - A soft pair of gloves

I labeled each item with the sense, and put a basket wrap over it. A tag hung from the top that said "a gift for your five senses." An alternative cute saying for the tag would be "you fill up my senses."

Another year I bought him a tool belt and filled all the pockets with gifts. He loved the idea, and gets a lot of use out of the tool belt.

Would you like to learn to make this Valentine's Day gift box out of paper?

Be sure to visit our how to make paper gift boxes page. There you'll find oragami techniques for making paper folded boxes, and a free step-by-step pattern to follow!

Do you have a unique gift idea for man? Send us an e-mail with your idea, and we'll consider placing it on this page!

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