Unique DIY Valentines
Day Box for a Classroom

Okay, so this Valentines Day box may not be considered a "gift" to many, but to my boys, this was a FANTASTIC gift last year!  They had to make a Valentine's Day mailbox, but they are at the age where they are not into "cute" boxes anymore.  I made these boxes for them using simple things from around the house, and everyone loved them!

Items You'll Need:

  • Box of any size
  • Close up photo of your child's mouth
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Printed word bubble
  • Wrapping paper (optional)

To Create Your Valentines Day Box:

1.  Take a close up photo of your child's mouth.  I used my photo editing software to enlarge it to the size of the box, and printed it on normal printing paper.

2.  Cut the image out, and carefully cut out the "inside" of the mouth.

3.  Wrap your entire box in a festive Valentine's Day wrapping paper, or have your child decorate the sides/bottom of the box BEFORE moving on to step number 4 (optional).

4.  Lay your paper on the top of your box, and trace the inside of the mouth onto the box.  Carefully cut the box opening into the shape of the inside of the mouth.

5.  Place your paper over the opening, and use wide clear tape to attach it to the box.  You can add a little speech bubble at this time, too (I put "Happy Valentine's Day" on ours).  I added strips of tape across the whole top to create a smooth surface.  Make sure you put the tape around the edges of the opening so that the paper doesn't come up when kids are putting their Valentine's Day cards into it.

6.  That's it!  Super will only take you a matter of minutes to finish this whole project!  The children in your child's classroom will love "feeding" your son/daughter their Valentine's Day mail this year!

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