DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Weddings are so expensive! The good news is, with these wedding favor ideas, your wedding favors don't have to be. After all, why would you buy favors that you can easily make yourself?

wedding favor ideas

There are so many unique wedding favors, and we'd love to have lots of them to share with our brides-to-be.

If you've made a DIY favor that you don't see here, please share it with us here .

Affordable Wedding Favors:

Candy Tube Wedding Favors
Simple and inexpensive wedding favors that you can make with items around your house. I made these for a friend's wedding, and everyone loved them!

Votive Candle Wedding Favors
Buy your items in bulk, get an assembly line together, and before you know it, you'll have beautiful and inexpensive wedding favors for your reception.

Candy Favor Boxes
Start saving your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make this simple wedding favor! These adorable little "boxes" are almost free to make (you only have to pay for the decorations).

Beach Themed Wedding Favors
Corked bottles create a perfect beach-themed wedding favor! Fill them with heart pastel candies for a pretty accent to your reception tables.

Another Beach Themed Wedding Favor
These simple beach wedding favors are made using votive candles and shells. You can put them together in minutes, and they look beautiful when they're done!

Don't see a wedding favor you can use here? Check out our bridal shower favors page for additional ideas!

Have you made a homemade wedding favor that you'd like to show your fellow Do-It-Yourself-Gifts readers? Click here to share it with us. We'd love to see it, and you'll receive your very own page on this website!

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