Do It Yourself Gifts Guide to
Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

There are tons of wedding shower gift ideas out there! With a little creativity and imagination, you can find a gift that will be useful and loved.

First and foremost, before setting out on your own to buy or make anything, check to see if the bride and groom are registered somewhere. Most couples would like to get something off of their registry above all other gifts. Usually they register for things that they would never buy themselves, and it's an easy way to know exactly what they need and what their style is.

If they are not registered anywhere, or you just don't want to buy something off of thier registry (or maybe you'd just like to give them an additional gift), here are some of my favorite do-it-yourself wedding shower gift ideas:

  • Holiday Bins - When you first get married, you usually don't have many holiday things to use around your house the first year (or the money to buy them with.) As soon as you find out the couple is engaged (this especially works good if you know at least a year in advance), start going to after holiday sales...if you keep your eyes open, you can find things deeply discounted on clearance racks up to 90 percent! Pick up a holiday specific colored storage bin, and fill it with your "deals"...decorations or items specific to that holiday. Put bows around them, and show up at the bridal shower with several big bins (that they can continue to use for storage) full of holiday items!

  • Make a Personalized Unity Candle that they can use on the big day. Place a photo of the couple together on one side, and add a love quote or meaningful verse to the other side.

  • Gift Wrapping Bin(s) - This was one of my favorite and most practical wedding shower gift ideas. My Mom shopped the after holiday sales all year to find gift wrap, bows, name tags, cards, ribbon, gift bags and boxes...anything that you'd use to wrap a present in. She put them all in one big gift wrap container, and added scissors, tape, and other wrapping essentials. This was ten years ago, and I still use that bin all the time! When I see something on sale, I buy it and put it in my bin. Whenever a holiday or birthday rolls around, I don't have to worry about running out and buying any gift wrapping materials. It saves me so much time!

  • Stationary Set - Newlyweds love to have stationary, return address labels, cards, envelopes, etc. with their new married name on them. Make these items using your computer, or search the internet for a place that will make them for you. Packs of thank you cards with their married last name initial on the front are always appreciated--they can start on their wedding thank you notes right away!

  • Basket of Linens - Fill a wicker laundry basket with folded towels (kitchen and/or bath), sheets, blankets, pillows, tableclothes, cloth napkins, placemats, or any linens you can think of. Note: You may have to do a little research to find out what size their beds are, what their color scheme is, etc. Lay a blanket or towel across the top and tuck it down around inside at the edge. Put a bow on top, and you have your gift wrapped!

  • Bucket of Cleaning Supplies - Put all types of household cleaners, dusting rags, laundry soap, dishwashing liquid, etc., in a large bucket and put a bow on the top.

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