Wood Grain Wrapping Paper

by PeachyTease

Wood Grain Tool

Wood Grain Tool

Items You'll Need:

* brown paper from home depot in the paint section
* faux wood grain tool (in the paint section about 10 bucks)
* a different shade of brown/white/green paint to use as the wood grain technique.
* paint tray

Note: you could actually use white paper and any color paint you want for any ocasion, I love the wood grain look and it's imposible to find unless you want to spend a whole lot of money.


Lay out the amount of paper you'll need to wrap with on a few plastic garbage bags to prevent paint disasters. weight down the corners to keep it flat. pour a cup or so of the paint into the paint tray, roll the wood grain tool in the paint and then roll off most of the paint on the upper part of the tray. You don't want it dripping, just coated.

The tool is really easy to use, you just move it across the paper while rocking it back and forth. There is really no messing up with this, wood grain is random and natural. It adds a great natural element to a gift or can be very graphic if using on white paper with different colors of paint. No need to buy paint, you can mix and create your own from paint you have leftover from other projects. Very nice paper in the end!

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